Yes, ‘Smoking Kills’! The smoker understood it first up. The non

smoker wasn’t too thrilled with this. He couldn’t possibly let the SOB

get away so easy. So, he cooked up an evil little plan in his head. It

constituted annoying the hell out of the smoker by prophesying his

death, over and over and over again. A tactic borrowed from the humble

realm of roadside astrologers.

I don’t think it’s very polite to tell someone ‘you’ll get cancer’ or

‘you’ll suffer and die’. Non smokers have stopped paying heed to their

manners. Have you ever seen a smoker go up to a fat guy eating a

burger and say ‘that burger is gonna give you a heart attack’, or just

go to an old lady and tell her that she’s going to kick the bucket

soon? Manners! Learn some ye non smokers!

‘Plain text isn’t enough. We need to send out a stronger message’

In comes the idea of pictorial warning signs on cigarettes. Who

exactly are these pictorial signs meant to target?

1) If they are targeting the uneducated, then I’m sure he won’t know

why the **** is there an image of a lung on his bloody cigarette pack.

As a matter of fact, he won’t even know that the image is of a lung.

The uneducated aren’t too good with biology.

2) If they are targeting the educated, then guess what? They can

already read. The last time pictures were used to explain something

was kindergarten. Remember A for Apple with an image of an apple next

to it. I think we have all passed that stage now. We know what a

bloody apple looks like without a picture for reference. If people

need images to understand something, we can safely say that we have

moved down the evolutionary ladder by a rung or two.

‘Smokers are a threat to society’

A smoker can hardly run for more than 10 seconds. If that is a threat

to you then you got some real ****** up medical condition!

If you are worried of second hand smoke, then let me tell you second

hand smoke isn’t the reason for global warming.

‘Only stupid people smoke. So quit it’

Apparently, your IQ is quite influenced by smoking. Start smoking and

it decreases. Quit it and it increases. Oh, the wonders of smoking!

If only stupid people smoke, then why do you want to save them? Let

them die. In fact, go find stupid people and introduce them tocigarettes.

‘I don’t smoke because it’s not even a cool thing’

This means you would have smoked if it had been a cool thing. I hate

this quote the most. It comes from the kind that has no identity of

its own and does everything on the basis of it being cool or not.

If the anti-smoking non smoker still thinks that he belongs to the

side which cares more about life, then I guess you don’t know who led

the first anti-smoking campaign. Don’t know? I’ll tell you.

The person is…

……. *drumroll*……… Adolf Hitler!

The smoker side requests for twominutes of laughter.

The purpose of this article wasn’t to glorify smoking in any way. It

was meant to make you see the other side of the coin which is

obviously neglected. Hopefully now you’ll realize that those who smoke

have made their choice. How about letting ‘em be?