There are three types of people in this world. Firstly, there are those who believe that they do have the free will to make a difference. Such people are highly energetic, very active, take on a lot of responsibilities and always try to be on top of the things. They do accomplish a lot in their lives, but yet, when faced with an outcome which is not similar to the one that they had imagined, they either become furious, start yelling at others or they become depressed, silently yelling at themselves.

The second types believe that there is no free will. Every outcome is decided by a fate, a destiny a divine power that is in charge of everything in this Universe. Despite this belief, when you yell at them they do yell back, without even thinking for a moment that it that fate or that divine power yelling at them. Such people are usually of laidback personality, do not get stressed easily but also do not get much accomplished in their lives.

Finally, there are those who are ever enthusiastic, take on tremendous responsibilities, can even move mountains and yet they are the humblest to their core. If you slap their left cheek, they are ready to present the right. While speaking to the first types, the say that there is no free will whereas while speaking to the second types, they say there is. Perhaps they are the ones who understand what free will means.

Do you know what it means? Do you have the free will to choose which hand to move? Check this link to find out.