I don’t know what God is,

it’s a confusing word.

I understand science well,

it’s quite absurd.

What I feel when I think of you,

it’s difficult to say, with words I know.

a million feelings… not one or two,

One thousand smiles… that I couldn’t show!

God I feel, is a verb, not a noun,

It’s a thing to do, let me write it down.

I was with him, some years ago,

I miss him so much… you know?

Winter, summer, rain and fall,

A year has four seasons in all.

last winter God, you kept me warm,

cool in summer, dry in storm.

what binds us together, stronger than glue?

when we move as one, troubles are few.

God is faith and science is doubt,

Love for humanity both have taught.

Seek we will and we will find.

A truth which will help mankind.

five short verses, to say what’s true.

God I think is love, which is known to few.