XLRI is one of the oldest business schools in India and is regarded as amongst the top 5 business schools of the country. Its PMIR(Personnel Management & Industrial Relations) programme is regarded as the best ‘HR Course’ in Asia-Pacific B schools. Today I am talking about a music band of XLRI, bodhiTree. Yes, bodhiTree is the name of the band. Its songs like GMD, Sabka Katega, XL ki Kudiya are very famous in Indian colleges. It was formed on the second day of new session, June 12 2004 by 7 Xlers. They named their band as BodhiTree because they played under old bodhiTree in XLRI campus.

We just sort of gravitated towards each other, spending value-added nights jamming into the wee hours of the morning. We had a one piece each of bassist, guitarist and vocalist, but the only one who showed up when we called for drummers was this petite girl with plaits called Poornima. She’d never played rock live before, but she had the rhythm in her blood. And that was it.. before we knew it, we were taking to the stage as a band. BodhiTree, XLRI

BodhiTree Team

  • Poornima Dore – Drums
  • Jishnu Dasgupta – Bass/ Vocals
  • Bharat Rajagopalan – Guitar
  • Abhishek Narain – Guitar/ Vocals
  • Satadru Bagchi – Vocals
  • Shambhavi Kumar – Vocals
  • Dhananjay Mishra – Vocals

BodhiTree Songs and Videos ::


Sab Ka Katega

XL ki Kudiyan

Xl meri Jaan